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About Us

Castle IT Solutions LLC is a leading-edge software solutions provider. With a thorough understanding of modern technology, we deliver high-quality software solutions for our customers. More than 1000 installations in Dubai have been implemented by our team since 2014 when we first launched our products. Our professional flexibility is the dominant factor in determining why we are a trustworthy technological partner for our customers. As an official POS supplier for Global Village Dubai, we do support over 350 outlets including restaurants and retails.

Our Story

For over 6 years operating in Dubai, Castle IT Solutions LLC has been a leading provider of innovative POS solutions. Our primary goal was to become the true leader in the market, and we did it. We provide premium performance and advanced support for your business. By holding a broad portfolio of POS solutions, Castle IT Solutions LLC helps you effectively and efficiently meet your customers’ needs anytime, anywhere. The trust and loyalty of our customers motivate us to continue rapidly developing our services, which include mobile and cloud-based tools for remote management. We also offer wireless tableside ordering and payment processing on tablet computers. Additionally, our POS solutions help multiple locations get connected and operate on a real time basis.

Are you running a restaurant and having difficulties in your day to day operations ?If so, then our POS solutions are the answer to your needs!

Today's era is mainly based on technological improvements, and our high ranked expertise helps us contribute to this process. We offer a secure, simple and easy-to-use Point of Sale (POS) system that will play a significant role in ensuring operational smoothness, greater staff productivity and accuracy thus ensuring guest satisfaction. provide mobile order taking solutions which reflects the guest orders in the kitchen on the KDS System which then tracks time taken for preparation.

Additionally, you can successfully run in- store inventory and recipe management. We also help integrate multiple branches to the central kitchen thereby bringing transparency in the whole operations.

All this while also having access to real-time reporting on your fingertips through a hybrid system of on-premise and cloud connectivity options.

Our team is ready to provide you the following high quality services

  • Real-Time Business Access from Anywhere, Anytime
  • Streamline Your Business Operations through Automation
  • Centralized Inventory and Recipe Management
  • Single-Window Monitoring to Manage Multiple Branches
  • Cloud-based and On-premise software solutions
  • Customized Solutions for Your Specific Requirements


  • We take care of your POS system to run successfully in every single operation.
  • Our loyal support team is always available to assist you anytime across all emirates of the UAE.
  • The reliability level of our modernized userinterface is ready to meet the criteria set within your business.