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EasyResto a POS SOLUTION designed to make you benefit from the integration with Inventory Module, Recipe Management& Accounts Module. EasyResto is a point-of-sale solution which helps busy restaurants manage their day-to-day operations with great agility and accuracy. EasyResto is designed to streamline the full operation of any busy restaurant be it a fine-dine, quick service or a busy bar/bistro. The software provides a flexible choice of hardware to enable integration with mobile devices such as tablets for order taking. EasyResto solution integrated with the EasyHM (Kitchen Management software) is most suitable for multi-branch restaurants connected to a central kitchen, thus enabling efficient kitchen control and inventory monitoring at each of the outlets centrally. EasyResto also provides a centrally managed royalty option for identifying and rewarding loyal customers.


  • Serve Busy Restaurants with multi-level dining (ground floor, first floor), take away, and delivery.
  • Access through cloud connectivity with real time business tracking dashboard in your mobile phone.
  • Advanced Inventory & Recipe, Accounting and Telephone Integration Modules can be added.
  • Instant sales report, X report and automatic email reporting.
  • KOT print out can be send to multiple locations.
  • Mobile /Tablet based order taking
  • Customer feedback mechanism
  • Built-in promo management feature.
  • Multi-lingual kitchen printout.
  • Proper Delivery Tracking.
  • Multi-currency/Multi-cash mode
  • Easy menu programming for developing customized menu.
  • Universal tax concept
  • Advanced security features.


The Essentials


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Integrated Payments

EasyResto seamlessly integrates with our Finance and Inventory management software. The software is designed to handle multiple branch operations. So all payments are integrated on dashboard, and you get data and financial statements on a real time basis.


You have option to use multiple hardware. The person taking orders may be using a tablets (Andriod), Cashiers may be using desktops, supervisors & backend may be using laptops and MIS person may be using desktop. EasyResto, which is Windows based, and operates on all of them.

Onboarding Setup

Our team is well skilled and passionate for the job. They will provide you all the help for the efficient and quick set up. We also have 24/7, Phone and online support for any exigencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get honest (non-salesy) answers to your top questions about switching to Castle IT Solutions.

We have windows based and web based. Both can work on online & offline mode.
Yes, we have inventory & recipe management module & we can integrate same with restaurant management software.
Yes, we have web-based application track where your daily sales, top moving products etc.
Yes, we have 2 types of Tab ordering system: i) Waiter/steward can place the order ii) Customer can order directly from tablet when in the restaurant.
No, it’s a windows, web & android based application.
Yes, we can integrate when the customer calls to the restaurant, His / Her phone number and other details will be displayed on the POS system.
Yes, we can send reports in E-Mail, exporting to pdf & excel is also possible.